Fine Art Prints

About the prints

Prints are available in the following sizes :
40 cm x 60 cm
60 cm x 90 cm
80 cm x 120 cm

Each print is signed by Guillaume Gaudé on verso (on the back).

Images are printed on demand and are inspected, signed, dated and numbered by Guillaume Gaudé.

Letters of authenticity are provided.

How to order

Contact Guillaume for more information.
Please allow four to six weeks for processing.

All available prints are presented in the Fine Art Prints Catalog.
Please find below a selection of prints.


Late afternoon in Fort Kochi, India, 2009


Baby with a lime, Nepal, 2011


Schoolgirl daydreaming, Nepal, 2011


Old woman standing outside her door, Nepal, 2011


Girl with blue dress and a wand, India, 2003


Young monk at Tikse monastery, Ladakh, 2006


Three monks talking, Laos, 2004


Meditation at the Golden Temple, India, 2010


Monk near a window, Ladakh, 2006


Hand with wooden rosary, Ladakh, 2006


Boy with red shirt, India, 2009


Girl with a pen, India, 2010


Door 41, India, 2009


Holi festival in Vrindavan, India, 2010


Boys over Yamuna river, India, 2010


Women harvesting, Nepal, 2011


Old woman with red dress outside her door, Nepal, 2011


Novice with white tunic, Myanmar, 2014


Novice standing in front of a wooden door, Myanmar, 2014


Novice standing at the entrance of a dormitory, Myanmar, 2014


Intha fisherman, Myanmar, 2014


Nomads on the banks of the Yamuna, Agra, 2010


Mingun Pagoda, Myanmar, 2014


Family on U Bein bridge, Myanmar, 2014


Early morning in Havana streets, Cuba, 2019


At a crossroad in Trinidad, Cuba, 2019


A passing horse in Trinidad, Cuba, 2019


A little girl with a broom, Havana, Cuba, 2019