Thank you for visiting my website.

I am a medical doctor and photographer, born in 1974 in Paris, France.

In parallel to a scientific and medical training in Paris, I nurture a passion for photography.

In 1996, during a backpacker’s trip to Ecuador, I felt the urge to show what I experienced through photography. The beauty of the landscapes, the intensity of the exchanged opinions and sincerity of the moments shared in sometimes unusual places made me want to develop my skills in photography in order to bring from my next voyages as much authenticity as possible.

A few years later I discovered South-East Asia and India. These two regions of the world, as much fascinating as they are destabilizing, captivate me. Their colors, their cultural diversity and warm welcomes constantly stimulate my desire to go back.

When I travel, I like to blend with the population. I favor local transportation, small guesthouses and cheap eateries. I try to immerse myself in the teeming life of my host country and especially to establish links with people that live there. Strolling the streets, watching the everyday life scenes and being curious about everything: these are the pillars from which my images are born. I move quietly in my subjects’ environment, taking care to respect their customs. More often than not, people I encountered invited me to meet their relatives, discover their living places, off the beaten track, and offered me a truly unique experience.

Only after having been « accepted » and obtaining their consent, by a word or a sign, I make pictures.

My portraits are the fruit of complicity and a moment shared.

When traveling, as in life, there are stories one is not expecting to live …